Welcome to the Official Site of GR!ND!!!  Berkshire County's FAVORITE Rock/Dance/Cover Band! Gary spoke with Jim about possibly forming a band together during a chance meeting at Gary's work one day, After a few months of speaking with many musicans he had assembled members and rehearsals began. After a few false starts and a few changes, the current line-up of the band hit the stage in February of 2010 to a SOLD-OUT crowd of over 325 people at the Back Nine/ GEAA in Pittsfield!

Since that first show, every show has been at or near capacity. This comes as no surprise for anyone that has experienced Grind's high energy, danceable rock. Playing hits from the 70s, 80s, 90s and today, they will have you on the dance floor from the first song to the last! You will also enjoy one of the best light shows in New England ... which goes hand in hand with one of the most energetic, entertaining and flat out fun nights you will ever experience here or anywhere else!

The band's philosophy is very simple: IF YOU ARE GOING TO BE A COVER BAND... PLAY WHAT THE PEOPLE WANT TO HEAR... PERIOD! GRIND is a band for the people. They figure if you are going to pay money to come see them, you should hear songs you want to hear and be entertained! So, this band is determined to put on a great show each and every time they play for you. You will not get a 45 minute set of cardboard cut outs followed by a 45 minute break! You will get one short break and then nothing but good ole fashion Rock n Roll till its time to go home! PEOPLE WILL GET THEIR MONEY'S WORTH!!!

This is the very reason that their facebook page has over 1200 friends and their MySpace page has over 1700!!!! THEY ARE ALREADY ONE OF THE MOST POPULAR BANDS IN THE AREA AND THEY HAVE ONLY PLAYED OUT A TOTAL OF 10 TIMES WITH THE CURRENT LINE-UP (15 total!!!!)

The band continues to learn new songs and keep things fresh with the show. From new lights and special effects to new songs. You will never get bored with seeing this band!

Find Your Face in the Crowd!



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